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Programming tutorials:


Goldmine - idle game (~200 lines)

Tunnel run game (~170 lines)

Tower game (84 lines)

Stick champ game (90 lines)

Optical illusion (18 lines)

Spinning squares - visual effect (25 lines)

Oldschool fire effect (20 lines)

Fireworks (60 lines)

Animated fractal (32 lines)

Physics engine for beginners

Physics engine - interactive sandbox

Physics engine - silly contraption

Starfield (21 lines)

Yin Yang with a twist (4 circles and 20 lines)

Tile map editor (70 lines)

Sine scroller (30 lines)

Interactive animated sprites

Image transition effect (16 lines)

Your first program in JavaScript: you need 5 minutes and a notepad

Fractals in Excel

Python in Blender 3d:

Domino effect (10 lines)

Wrecking ball effect (14 lines)

3d fractal in Blender Python

Royalty free game sprites